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Selmer (USA) Oboe Model 1492B

High-impact plastic body, silver-plated key mechanism, basic conservatory system, range to low B (Long bell with resonance hole), double-wall case.


Resonate body with wood grain finish
Basic conservatory system to low B
Silver-plated keys
Includes 5069 case 

                                                                 LIST $ 3229.00            LEWIS $ 3229.00


Selmer Model 121 Intermediate Oboe
Key of C. Grenadilla wood body, full conservatory system, Ab-Bb trill, G#-A trill, double ring D#-E, left-hand C-D trill, auxiliary C, silver-plated key mechanism, range to low Bb.


                                                                          LIST $ 5340.00               LEWIS $ 3759.00